3 reasons to carry out regular fire system inspections

Power to save lives

The purpose of carrying out inspections on your fire system is to ensure everything is working and is in good order. The inspection has been designed to make sure that in the event of a fire emergency the alarm will sound and alert any persons within the building or area that there is a fire. However, if inspections are not carried out regularly as they are meant to be then in the event of a fire you may discover that the fire system is not working properly resulting in a late delay of the alarm or may not even work at all. This could result in fatal consequences if the if occupants are not alerted of the emergency. So by simply booking or carrying out a fire system inspection has the potential to save many lives but could also effect a lot of lives if not carried out.

It’s the law

One of the main reasons why it is vital that a fire inspection is carried out when it should be is because it is simply the law. If you own a business or a building, you need to comply with the National Fire Alarm codes. There are many consequences that can be carried out if the codes are not followed such as fines to even the business being shut down. This is a good enough reason to stick to the National Fire Alarm Codes and that the owners of the business and buildings are well educated in the requirements of fire safety. It is imperative that the safety of employees and the public is kept to a very high standards and all codes of practise are followed.

It doesn’t cost much in the long run

What will cost more? A fire system inspection or a new building and business? If you consider the costs of these two things the fire alarm inspection will always be a cheaper option. To know you have a working and in order fire system will save you money as you will be alerted of the emergency and will be able to respond quicker. This will not only help save your business or building but will save lives too.