BAFE SP203 – What It’s All About?

The British Approvals for Fire Equipment (or BAFE) is an independent organisation dedicated to certifying the efficiency of emergency management equipment, especially firefighting equipment. With more than 30 years of service in the UK, its seal is recognised by both small and large emergency equipment manufacturers.

Because its warranty is not purchased but earned, this organisation makes sure that people who demand fire protection find the manufacturing plants that best fit their needs.

In July 2002, BAFE issued a certificate called SP203-1, which accredits the high performance of fire alarms and fire detection equipment. Over time, due to the high demand for more specific certificates, BAFE has published others according to new equipment on the market:

Types of BAFE SP203

The certificates issued by BAFE with the acronym SP203 ensure that the emergency control equipment or system meets the minimum requirements for performance in hazardous situations. For this reason, this organisation gathers a list of products and companies that are reliable according to its criteria and that of the other companies associated with its label.

In order to grant this certification, BAFE takes into consideration the supervision of specialists for four consecutive modules: system design, type of installation, handover and the maintenance process. Once the brand has the BAFE quality seal, it is committed to maintaining the quality of its systems and to receiving a regular monitoring team.

  • The SP203-1 certificate evaluates the performance of a brand’s fire alarms. In September 2016, an update on the conditions of qualification for this certificate was made public. It clarifies some doubts regarding the supervision of manufacturers with more than one headquarters in different locations and the separation of the supervision of equipment/companies that protect against fire using gas-based systems with the creation of a new BAFE certificate.
  • The SP203-3 certificate focuses on preserving the quality of equipment that controls fire through gas systems. It was implemented in September 2016 with the renewal of the SP203-1 license.
  • At the end of 2010, BAFE published a new certificate that promotes the efficiency of emergency lighting systems: the SP203-4.  In March 2017 it underwent some minor updates, including a summary of basic concepts, general clarifications on which companies should opt for this certificate and some changes in the evaluation process.

Why choose an emergency system with a BAFE scheme?

The third party certificates guarantee the performance and quality of the equipment before the legal authorities and, of course, the customers who wish to purchase one of these systems. With a BAFE certificate (which is also backed by other partner companies), consumers will know how efficient a product is, and if it’s according to the location they want to protect from emergencies. You will ensure your safety and the safety of the people around you!

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