Do I Need a Fire Alarm System?

A fire alarm system is an extremely useful and important life-saving device. Whether a fire alarm is for a house, an office or a shop, having protection from fire is essential for the safety of the people as well as for the care of material goods.

Most accidents are started by latent fire phases that spread rapidly within a space. Highly smoke-sensitive fire alarms ensure a rapid response and a greater chance of extinguishing the fire before it can do any serious damage.

Ideally, you should have a fire alarm system that can both solve a problem with fire and alert people of the danger. Some fire alarm systems can even make a call to the local fire department. That way, professionals can evacuate the building and, at the same time, extinguish the fire phases in collaboration with the fire alarm system.

What is a fire alarm system?

A fire alarm system must have technological devices and a logistic plan against fire accidents in a building. It includes adequate equipment, signs, and routes previously laid out. It should also include instructions on what to do during or after a fire, or how to prevent the outbreak of fire in the first place.

A fire alarm system contains:


When a fire is detected by smoke or gas sensors, the fire alarm will emit a sound that can be heard to alert people to evacuate the building. Some fire alarms emit light signals that indicate the situation to deaf people.

Routes and signposting

Once alerts are lit, personnel should follow evacuation signs or routes correctly. All routes must be illuminated so that they can be seen if power is cut off. These signs should indicate emergency exits, meeting points, and the location of stairs and fire extinguishers.


The implementation of emergency lighting powered by solar cells or rechargeable batteries allows visibility of evacuation routes.


Fire extinguishers are small cylinders containing extinguishing agents such as water, powder, foam or carbonic snow, which are used manually in case of relatively small fires.

Hydraulic networks

The sprinklers, strategically installed on the roofs of the structures, serve as a hydrant to calm the fire before the local fire department arrives at the building.

Why is a fire alarm so necessary?

According to the national fire statistics, in 2016/2017 the local fire department responded to a total of 559,547 fire incidents.

The prevention of fire accidents through fire alarms is essential to the protection of people and at the same time generate a minimum number of material losses. For this reason, it is crucial to have the most complete and technologically advanced fire alarm system.

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