Intelligent Lighting Systems – Wow Your Guests With A Bespoke Audio And Visual Home System

Intelligent lighting systems allow you to save considerably, as they consume less energy and cost as much or less than a “traditional” device. Through your smartphone, these devices will be interconnected by Bluetooth or a private wi-fi network, so you have full control over their use inside and outside your home or workspace.

An incandescent bulb has a service life of 1200 hours (it can last about 10 months if you only light it for 2 hours a day), while a high-performance LED can yield up to 10,000 hours if you light it for 4 hours a day, isn’t that surprising? Now, add to these new light bulbs the“smart” ability to light up only when a person is detected in a particular room or to dim the light depending on the time of day. That’s what we call innovation!

So What Intelligent Lighting System Should I Go For?

Gadgets instantly attached to your mobile devices are compatible with operating systems such as Android or Apple, and some automatically interface with smart home accessories such as Amazon Echo Plus or Google Home if supported. This will allow you to manage your home’s lighting remotely and control every aspect of every light bulb!

For example, Philip Hue’s energy-saving smart light bulbs have a lifespan of 23 years (25,000 hours) and come in packs of three. Their sophisticated design allows you to install them like any other light bulb in your lighting system. It supports voice commands from Alexa (Amazon Echo Plus) and Google Home so you can control it by simply talking to it.

Another excellent option (a little more comfortable for your pocket) is the intelligent VOCOlinc 120 volt (8.5 watts) light bulbs that allow you to vary the temperature of the light depending on the environment you want in the room. It is also compatible with these operating systems and has a service life of 20 years.

If you want something a little bigger, you can try the most amazing piece of art/smart bulb: the Autai Smart LED Ceiling Light (14 x 14 x 2.6 inches). Due to its app you can sync the music on your smart computer and have the light change automatically according to the rhythm!

For those who like smart decorating using lighting systems, the Nanoleaf Aurora Lighting is a device that has nine triangle-shaped light bulbs, which you can shape as you like. They’re not good for lighting up a room, but they are good for being the groovy soul of the party. By reacting automatically to any musical genre, it creates beautiful light waves for a different sensory experience.

Now, Mipow light bulbs have a very strange design, you have to admit. The head of the light bulb has speakers where the music you program from your smartphone comes out. Can you imagine an experience like that?

As you can see, lighting up space is no longer just a matter of pressing the switch to turn the light on and off!

TJC can supply and fit intelligent lighting systems to both your home and commercial premises. We can offer help, advise and guidance on the best systems to use and work within your set budgets.

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