Lightwave Smart Home Technology – The Future Of A Smart Home

The Lightwave Smart Home

What is Lightwave smart home technology  and what are the benefits of a smart home? With beautifully designed smart home technology, Lightwave will no doubt make your life easier. Technology is becoming more advanced by the day. However, with Lightwave technology, smart homes of the future are really coming to life. Lightwave will provide comfort, security and practicality to your life. This will be achieved via the luxury of operating and monitoring your home from anywhere by simply using a smartphone or tablet.

So how does Lightwave work? Well, it’s almost as simple as plugging the ‘Link Plus’ device into your wireless router and instantly accessing an array of  wonderful smart home features. These features range from automating security lights to monitoring your energy consumption and much, much more as we will explain below.

What is a Link Plus Hub?

The Lightwave packages will come with a Link Plus Hub that will sit at the heart of your smart home. The Link Plus Hub will control all of the Lightwave devices within the home via a wireless network. Lightwave have worked hard to develop top spec communication technology within the devices. Main features of the technology include; stability, range and reliability. The connection range of the Link Plus Hub will comfortably be able to handle large properties with multiple levels. The Link Plus can be used to control devices in garages and rooms separate from the main property. Not only do Lightwave provide smart control systems but also provide smart dimmers, sockets and relays that are constantly connected to the mains power. This simply means that all your smart devices will stay connected to the mains hub at all times. All these products have had extensive tests to ensure quality and reliability.

How do I control my devices in my smart home?

There are three ways to control a Lightwave Device. Let’s look at the app. Many modern-day smart home systems will come with an app. This is a great way to control your smart home and to monitor what is going on. By using the Lightwave app on your smartphone or tablet you can control and monitor your home from anywhere. Another option is that you can even use the browser version on your PC. Although the app is available, Lightwave still offer a retro style wall mounted smart button to control your home. You will have the opportunity to step into the future by automating a number of Lightwave devices with one press of a button. To make your life even easier, the option to control devices via voice command is available. You can control Lightwave devices through Siri, Alexa and Google Assistant. It is as simple as saying “Hey Siri, it’s time for bed” and all the lights will turn off.

The Lightwave smart home socket

To install a Lightwave socket,  you might think this will be a difficult task due to it being a smart home product. However, Lightwave sockets are simple to install and make use of existing cables. Not only are they simple to install, but once installed they offer amazing benefits to the user.One of the main features of a Lightwave socket is being able to control a time schedule for each individual socket throughout your home. If you’re away from home and worrying about security, you are able set time schedules for your lighting. This can be a great way to simulate occupancy within the property. You’re also able to see the state of each device through two-way communication wherever you are. Through the Lightwave app you can view your energy consumptions in real time. It’s also a great way to control your home heating. When paired with an economical electric heating system, using the smart home socket correctly can save you money on your energy bills. The thought of being able to automate a television socket was only a thought for the future, but it is finally here. Check out our intelligent lighting systems blog to discover more smart home technology.

The four key benefits of Lightwave technology

  • Lightwave devices come with a ‘Magic Button’. This allows the user to customise switch controls. Smart dimmers from the Lightwave range can be customised to control different light sources or groups of devices. An unlimited number of devices can be controlled from one button.
  • Switches can also be controlled remotely. This can be done even if the WIFI cuts out.
  • Due to the Lightwave devices being so stylish, they easily become part of the design and the aesthetics of your home.
  • Smart Dimmers will work with feature lights meaning no new wiring required.

Installation of Lightwave technology

TJC have carried out the Lightwave smart home approved contractor installation training. Our engineers are certified to carry out all installation works. We can assist with any technical and smart home design queries. All Lightwave products are available through TJC. Simply contact one of our team on 01202 985 655 or use the contact us form.