Why Are We BAFE?

According to UK fire legislation published in October 2005, all owners or managers of a building must have a fire protection system. Although there are many alternatives to cover such an emergency, not all meet the minimum quality and efficiency requirements of fire prevention organizations.

Also, some buildings require systems adapted to their structure, the type of population and the most appropriate methods of fire-fighting (for example, a fire alarm in a home is not the same as a hospital or day-care centre).

That is why independent organizations such as the British Association for Fire Equipment (or better known as BAFE) promote the high performance of emergency fire equipment through a register of licensed companies by a third-party certificate.

With other companies dedicated to controlling risk situations, BAFE ensures that the owners of the premises comply with their legal obligation to protect their buildings. Also, it helps that the systems of manufacturing companies continue to comply with legal requirements through continuous supervision and technical advice.

What is a third party certificate and why is it important?

A third-party certificate guarantees the quality and performance of a product. These licenses are issued by independent organizations that help during the production phase as an advisor but also as a supervisor while it’s on the market.

The authorities insist that, in order to prevent risk situations, it is preferable to have a fire emergency system backed by third-party certificates rather than those which, although cheap, are not as safe as the first ones.

Firstly, its quality is a result of a monitoring process that goes beyond the manufacturer’s quality control. On the other hand, such licenses make the customer feel more comfortable and secure when installing fire equipment.

To use or not to use systems with BAFE licenses?

BAFE has been at the service of fire equipment manufacturers in the UK for more than 30 years and therefore its certification is recognized and reliable in the field of emergency systems. The companies associated with this organization that help monitor the quality of the products under its license give weight to the credibility of its judgment and promote the safety of people above all else.

It is never advisable to buy and install products that do not carry a warranty seal such as BAFE’s. Although they appear to be of good quality, not all of them comply with the minimum safety parameters in the event of a hazardous situation, nor do they have specialized technicians for their configuration and maintenance.

Therefore, when it comes to protecting your building and the people who live in it, it is always necessary to seek advice from professionals!


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