What Is a NICEIC Approved Contractor?

Using an NICEIC approved contractor is essential when selecting a company to carry out electrical worksNICEIC is an independent organisation that helps to regulate quality conditions and assesses the competence of UK electricity companies under licence from The Electrical Safety Council. It also issues certificates and licenses to contractors or utility employees to ensure that homeowners benefit from efficient and safe work.

If you are looking for a specialist for energy work, NICEIC is the bridge that links the energy needs of the general population and the electricity companies that want to earn the trust of their customers.

In 1957, one year after its foundation, it collected nearly 3,500 approval contracts. By 2014 it reached 27,000 and is still growing every day!


Electrical safety through NICEIC

NICEIC Approved Electrical Installation Contractor refers to those companies or specialists who are directly responsible for the electricity service supervised by this entity. That way, NICEIC rectifies that the regulations are being complied with and helps both dissatisfied customers and professionals to handle the necessary techniques and thus avoid inconvenience.

NICEIC certificate regulates the licensing in the electrical energy sector. The design of electrical installations, their installation and maintenance in accordance with BS 7671 in homes, commercial buildings, street lights, security systems or any scenario that covers the regulations is secured by its professionals. In addition, with its seals, companies can opt for advice related to safety and appropriate techniques to carry out efficient work.

To have a NICEIC approval contract, your company must have recently supplied electrical services and have a true record that it follows the guidelines proposed by BS 7671 (adequate tools and equipment, compliance with safety regulations, adequate work processes, among others). It is also necessary to appoint staff to act as responsible for the registration procedure and to be present during the supervision of the NICEIC representative.

The inspection is carried out by prior agreement between the electricity company and NICEIC, but before that the person interested in the registration certificate must have all their papers in order and go through a review of documents such as records, customer receipts, complaints, contracts, among others; so it is not certain that you will receive the invitation to supervision at the time of sending your application.

All the requirements and the step-by-step explanation can be found in this digitalised guide made precisely to clarify any doubts.


Find a NICEIC contractor

By using an NICEIC contractor, you can be confident that the work will be successful and meet the required safety standards. Through its official website, you will be in contact with all employees with an approval contract near you. Using the search engine, you will have the power to choose the professional who best suits you.

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